5 Advantages of Using Boar Bristle Brushes For Your Hair

Boar bristle brushes are one of the most common brush types that can easily be spotted in women’s hair styling kits. A boar bristle brush is more than a hairstyling tool and if used regularly, can help eliminate a number of hair problems. If you don’t have a boar bristle brush or do not use it on a regular basis, it is highly advisable to incorporate boar bristle brushing in your daily hair care routine. To give you an idea of how boar bristle brushes can help, in this blog post we discuss five benefits of using a boar bristle brush regularly.

1. Naturally Conditions Your Hair

No hair treatment can substitute natural conditioning. Apart from the usual styling benefits, boar bristle brushes helps evenly distribute sebum throughout the hair. The boar bristle is designed in such a way that it helps carry the sebum from the scalp to the tip of the hair. As individual hair strands receive their fair share of sebum, it helps in repairing dry hair and improving hair texture.

2. Cleanses Your Hair

Excess sebum may give a greasy appearance to your hair. A boar bristle brush not only traps the excess oil, but also helps in removing fuzz, dirt, dust and microparticles that rob your hair of its natural strength and lustre. If you are someone who hates frequent shampooing, a boar bristle brush is all you need.

3. Prevents Hair Loss

Sounds intriguing? One of the reasons of hair loss is lack of blood supply to the hair follicles. A boar bristle brush increases blood flow to the scalp and helps unclog hair follicles that may be slowing down hair growth. As blood flow to the scalp is regulated, you can expect a respite from hair breakage and hair loss problems.

4. Adds Shine

If you thought using a chemically laden hair product was the only way to get shiny hair, think again. A boar bristle brush helps evenly distribute the sebum, ensuring each hair strand is coated with the right amount of oil that results in a shiny and non-greasy appearance. It also balances out the scalp’s oil production by stimulating the scalp.

5. Acts as a Styling Tool

Incorporating boar bristle brushing to your hair care regimen reduces dependency on styling products. A boar bristle brush evenly distributes sebum throughout the scalp and provides natural conditioning, resulting in a shiny texture and a softer feel. As your hair gets softer and healthier with regular boar bristle brushing, you no longer require a hair serum and other expensive hair products to achieve those objectives.

The Bottom Line

Women use a number of hair products that offer unique benefits for hair. Though experimenting with hair products is not a problem, no product is a “one size fits all” solution. Boar bristle brushes, however, work naturally on your hair to help get rid of a number of hair concerns. It is therefore, advisable to incorporate a boar bristle brush into your hair care regime and avoid experimenting with products that consist of harmful chemicals.


Author: Rozer Napper

Rozer Napper is an experienced cosmetologist specializing in natural hair care. For the past few years, he has been writing personal and guest blogs to share his wealth of knowledge on fashion trends, makeup, skincare, natural products, beauty products, and hair styles. Rozer is keen to enhance his skills as a content marketer, blogger, and publisher. You can connect with him through social media channels.

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